Viking Style Blacksmithing Hammers

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Would you like to forge your own Viking style blacksmithing hammer for use in historical  blacksmithing projects?


I offer a two-day class on hammer forging for intermediate students.  On the first day we will start by forging blacksmithing hammers in the Viking style from modern tool steel.  The second day will focus on the process of forge welding Viking style hammers together in the traditional way.


Forging a Viking Style Blacksmithing Hammer from Modern Steel:  The students will forge Viking style blacksmithing hammers from single blocks of modern tool steel (4140).  Hammers will be punched and drifted in the usual way, forged to shape, then hardened and tempered for use.  Students will be able to customize hammers to their individual needs by shaping the working faces. Students who finish a hammer from modern steel early can go on the the forge welded hammer.


Forge Welding a Traditional Viking Style Blacksmithing Hammer:  On the second day students will go further and delve into the traditional forge welded hammer, which was made by early blacksmiths until the 19th century.  Long ago, when high-carbon steel was an expensive resource, hammers and other heavy tools would be shaped from soft iron and faced with high carbon steel to give them toughness against damage and wear.  This process will be replicated to give the student insight into the work of early craftsmen.


I invite you come and forge your own Viking style blacksmithing hammer!