New DVD Tutorial Now (finally) Available!

At long last the DVD Tutorial entitled “Forging a Viking-Age Broad Axe / Traditional Asymmetric Wrap” is finished and ready to ship!  A joint project with film maker Anna Geyer, this DVD has been over a year in the making.  It is 62 minutes long, professionally produced, and covers in great detail the process of forging a broad axe by the asymmetric wrap technique which was the standard method of the Viking age.  The process is carried out completely by hand with standard blacksmithing tools (plus a few special-purpose tools I developed) and the help of a striker.  The cost of this DVD is $35 (the same as for my first DVD:  “Forging a Bearded Viking Axe’).   As a special offer to the first 40 customers who purchase this DVD I will offer free shipping.  After that a $5 shipping fee will apply.

DVD Announcement Pic

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