Axes & Blades

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I’ve been making and researching the making of Viking axes since 2009.¬†All axes are, unless otherwise noted, forged welded with the asymmetrical wrap method and have a body of 1018 steel with a 1075 bit. I always forge my axes as close to shape as I can, leaving little grinding necessary.

My blades are mostly Viking-style saxes – lately I’ve been forging some out of wrought iron with a shear steel edge. I make Damascus-steel blades too, on occasion.

If you are interested in buying an axe or blade from me, check out what I have for sale. If I have none for sale at the moment (it does happen), then do get in touch and let me know that you are interested. Also, I make custom axes on request – get in touch with me if you have something specific in mind.

To get in touch, email me at:


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