Viking Style Stake Anvil

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Would you like to forge weld your own Viking style stake anvil for use in historical  blacksmithing projects?

I offer two-day anvil forging classes.  These are intensive classes for a small number of intermediate/advanced blacksmithing students. In this class the students and I will work as a team to forge and weld a stake anvil for each student.  The anvils will be forged from 6 – 8 pound blocks of mild steel and faced with a plate of 1075 tool steel.  Students can choose the form of the face to suit their needs before the anvil face is hardened by oil quench.  Such anvils were probably used for the bulk of blacksmithing in the Viking age and are well suited to such projects as bladesmithing and the forging of small tools and hardware.  They have shanks for mounting in stumps and are nicely transportable.


I invite you come and forge anvils together. As time goes on I will seek to forge larger and more complex anvils, and will be offering more classes of this type.  Join the crew!