My First Trial Axe with a “Swedish Eye”

After some preliminary research on forging dimensions (stock size and fullering-layout) I began test-forging Swedish axe eyes using the information I’d gathered from Mattias Helje.  The first order of business is to learn to forge the eye since it is used on several types and sizes of traditional Swedish axes.  The axe below represents my second try to form the eye and my first effort to forge a complete axe in the Swedish tradition.  It has an edge and a strike plate of 1075 steel.  I managed to include all of the features of the eye that I was striving for, but I need to do a lot of work on the proportions of the eye and start to work on the blade shape.  I think it’s a good beginning though.

2 Responses to “My First Trial Axe with a “Swedish Eye””

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